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We have several different types of Room Temperature Vulcanising (RTV) silicone rubber. You can use them to make molds or impressions from an item, or make the actual products. Supplied as two component kits, with a base and a catalyst, these RTV silicone rubber compounds are ready to mix. Different hardnesses are available, giving a final product of your choice. This can vary from soft and floppy for Special Effects purposes, to firm casting silicone for patternmakers, as well as high temperature silicone for casting metal alloys. We even have a skin safe silicone for life casting impressions, a dental silicone for teeth impressions or fast press molds, and a prosthetic grade silicone for SpecialFX.

Not sure what silicone is all about, try our Pinky Kit.

This kit contains 100gm Pinkysil silicone, 100ml EasyCast White Resin, 50gm oil based Klean Klay, and accessories. There is enough material to make a small mold, and do several castings with the resin. Both the silicone and the resin are fast setting, so in just a short time, you can produce your items.

As an introductory or starter kit, this Pinky Kit is great to get started and inspired.

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See our Technical Information for more explanations about the physical characteristics of these products.

Check out these tips and hints on removing air bubbles from your liquid materials! How Does Vacuum and Pressure Affect Casting Materials?

Unsure how much you will need ?

An approximate measurement of 1kg of silicone  will give you a slab -

» 300mm long x 300mm wide  x 10mm thick

Email us for a price list.

» Condensation Cured - Silicones
Our range of condensation cured silicone products, are also called ' tin based' silicones. These are used primarily for general purpose moldmaking, with some varieties suitable for Special FX.
» Addition Cured - Silicones

When used for moldmaking, addition cured, or platinum based silicone provides accurate detail with minimal shrinkage. The catalysing action of this type of silicone does not generate 'bi-products' hence the minimal shrinkage when taking a mold. Can be heat accelerated for faster curing, although monitoring should be done. Some varieties suitable for skin contact, others can become food grade safe.
» Silicone Accessories

These are products to assist with the use of silicone materials. We have Diluents to thin the silicone liquid, ThixoM to turn the silicone liquid into non-sag material, as well as pigments, and a primer.