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Sculpting Supplies

We can supply a suitable Clay product for the modelling enthusiast through to Professional Sculptors and Industrial Designers. To assist your sculpting we have a selection of quality turntables and armature wire, and also stock Texture stamps to give your clay surface a variety of effects.

There are a variety of sculpting tools most commonly used by sculptors, make-up artists, and SpecialFX modellers. We carry a wide range, and are also able to source items for specific requirements.

» Modelling Clays
We have a wide selection of clays for modelling, prototyping, and crafting.
» Texture Stamps/Sheets
For creating a variety of effects.
» Armature Wire
To assist in sculpting and modelling.
» Sculpting Wax
We have  Optimus 3 Wax which is packed in slab form, to enable larger castings. Can also be suitable for lost wax castings.
» Turntables
For ease of sculpting.
» Sculpting Tools
Our wide range of tools to cover all sculpting needs.
» Modelling Board
We carry a brand of Modelling Board which is solid urethane. Suitable for machining.