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  • Want to make resin molds or cast resin items?
  • Looking for a wide range of good quality urethane resins or casting resins?

Polyurethane resin can be used for making molds, as well as for casting items. These urethane resin kits are supplied in two component packs. These are generally fast setting so should only be mixed when you are ready. Available in a comprehensive range of casting kits including rigid urethane, flexible urethane, filled and unfilled urethane, as well as waterclear polyurethane casting systems. There are a wide range of hardnesses which have been designed to meet a wide variety of applications.

Polyester Resin and Epoxy Doming Resin are clear casting materials suitable for encapsulating as well as surface coating and cold cast metal effects.These products are great for paperweights, momentoes, and clear or coloured ornaments, as well as jewellery and trinkets.

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See our Technical Information for more explanations about the physical characteristics of these products.

Check out these tips and hints on removing air bubbles from your liquid materials! How Does Vacuum and Pressure Affect Casting Materials?

» Water Clear Urethanes
These products are recommended whenever a transparent product is required. They can be easily tinted to clean, bright colours, and will retain their colour provided stable colorants/pigments/dyes are used.  Available in Rigid and Flexible versions.
» FortonMG - Acrylic Resin
FortonMG is a non-hazardous, high-strength, fast-demold casting resin, suitable for both casting and replication. It is highly valued as an alternative for many plaster cast items. FortonMG can also be considered as an alternative to other rigid urethanes or rigid cast products.

» Flexible Urethanes
A range of brushable and pourable 2 part urethanes with flexibility from 25 Shore A to 90 Shore A. Able to be coloured with a range of BJB acrylic urethane pigments and Pearlex Pigments.
» Rigid Urethanes
Firm casting material commonly used for making miniatures, works of art, prototypes and architectural models.
» Epoxy Doming Resin
Clear top coat resin for decorative wooden tops , wooden plaques, jewellery, badges, decoupage, for interior use only.

» Polyester Resin-Kleer Kast
Kleer Kast is a diamond clear embedding resin, which is used to embed monograms,  shells, zoological specimens, momentos etc .It can be used with coloured dyes for sparkling translucent casting.
» Craft and Jewellery Molds
Looking for premade molds? We have a variety available to suit many common needs - check out our range.