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Pigments&Colour Effects


» Gold + Silver Powders
For a golden or gilded effect, can be added in varying quantities.

» Oxides
Powder pigments to give colour to plaster, cements and some acrylic resins.

» Pearl-Ex Powders
 Pearl-Ex Pigments are nontoxic, inert powdered pigments that exhibit extreme colour fastness and stability.

» Polyester Pigments
Pigments and dyes to provide both solid and transparent colours for polyester products.

» Silicone Pigments
Suitable for use with silicone based products

» Transparent Dyes
Transparent dyes are suitable for clear urethanes, epoxies, and polyester resins.

» Urethane Pigments
Suitable for urethane based products

» Urethane Paints
Suitable for urethane based products