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Other Products


» Alloys

Try our four types of alloys to make jewellery, prototypes and scale model cars etc.
» Casting Accessories
Items to assist with the casting process, including a Vacuum Unit
» Wax Sheets
For replication of thin metal pieces and other objects while sculpting or casting.
» Sculpting Wax
We have  Optimus 3 Wax which is packed in slab form, to enable larger castings. Can also be suitable for lost wax castings.
» Processing Materials
Products for safety in the workplace, to manage hazardous chemicals, and for general good workshop practices.
» Dry Air Blanket
To cover, protect and extend the life of unused portions of urethane and resin concentrates, Dry Air Blanket is your product.
» Zap Products
Our selected products from the Zap Glues Range