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Body Casting Materials

 Alginates are a range of seaweed based products designed originally for the dental industry for fast, safe casting of teeth and gums from which plaster impressions were made.  The use of this material has expanded into the film and Special FX industries as a means of taking bodycasts, as well as fast casts of any other items for which a plaster impression is required.

Handcasting guide

Molding babies' hands and feet guide

» Alginate Materials
Alginates are fast setting materials, suitable for taking impressions from the body, as well as taking impressions from other delicate objects.
» BodyCasting Silicones
We now have available two silicones approved for applying on the skin to take impressions.  Pinkysil and CloneFX are fast setting, addition cured silicones, suitable for all bodycasting, as well as other fast moldmaking requirements.
» BodyCasting accessories
Alginates and speciality silicones can take impressions of the body. To use these products effectively, a range of products are available to strengthern, reinforce or cast into, so that you achieve a successful result.