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Sculpting Wax

Sculpting Wax

We stock both the Optimus 3 and Optimus 2.0 sculpting waxes, which come in slabs of around 1kg. They are suitable for 'Lost wax' castings, as well as masters for taking silicone molds.

Optimus 3

Optimus 3 Wax is a Microcrystaline wax. This product simulates the original Victory Brown wax. A firm wax, it comes in slab form, ready to be sculpted or melted. It is pliable and workable by hand or with sculpting tools. It can be melted and brushed into Bodycasting silicone molds to produce a wax body impression ready for further detailing or sculpting, prior to 'lost wax' process for glass or metal castings.

Melting Point : 70-80˚C
Sizes:  packed per slab, approx 1kg  

Optimus 2.0

Optimus 2.0 is a pliable, workable wax that can be easily worked by hand or with sculpting tools. the Light Amber colour is advantageous in that it can be tinted to custom tones. Both wax and colour are uniform throughout. Optimus 2.0 is great for mixing with other bulk waxes as a plasticiser, giving better flexural strengths. in most cases, Optimus 2.0 will soften a blend appreciably lowering its melting point.

Melting point : 70-80˚C

Sizes : packed per slab, approx 1kg  

Processing Optimus Wax

If the intention is to gravity pour the molten wax into silicone rubber molds, the molds need to be made in a manner to avoid significant undercuts, which may inhibit the release of the wax from the mold.

The pouring temperature should be as low as practical, still allowing good flow of the wax into the mold. This will probably be between 80 and 95°C. Low temperatures could result in flow lines or incomplete filling of some of the extremities. As a general rule, simple molds can be poured at the lower temperatures while more complex molds will need to be poured at higher temperatures.

The amount of time needed before demolding will depend on ambient temperatures and the size of the casting. Larger castings will need longer in the mold to cool. Premature removal can cause distortion of the casting if the wax has not properly solidified.

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