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Epoxy Doming Resin

Epoxy Doming Resin

Clear top coat resin for wooden tops (decorative), wooden plaques, jewellery,badges, decoupage, for interior use only.

Mixing Ratio: 2:1

Setting Time: 24hrs

Sizes:  375ml, 750ml,1.5ltr, 3ltr.

Data Sheet - MSDS Base - MSDS Hardener

The Doming Resin can be poured into vacuum formed molds for quick and easy results.
See our selection of molds,  and pigments.

In jewellery making, the Doming Resin can be used with Pearlex powder pigments to create sparkly effects, by mixing in different quantities of the powder colour. The powder can also be layered into the Doming Resin to give interesting 3D effects.  The piece can also be backed with a solid colour to lock in the coloured effects.

The Doming Resin is also popular with artists working with the Transparent Dyes. The dyes can also be marbled into the resin for a variety of effects.

When marbling, prepare small amounts of resin of different colours.  When small drops of these coloured resins are added to a larger quantity of clear Doming Resin, and lightly stirred, the colours will remain suspended in the resin and will not wash throughout the resin.

Solid colour pigments are also available for stronger results.

Doming Resin is also a favourite for adding water effects to displays, scale model layouts, and dioramas. The resin can be coloured, or added over a coloured surface to give deeper water effects.

In this image Epoxy Doming Resin has been applied along the stream to create a river effect.  The green area has been covered with teal blue Flocking for a grassy effect. See the section of Flocking for more colours.

Jewellery pieces with glitter, dyes, pigments and embedments can be created with Doming Resin as the base.