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Polyester Resin-Kleer Kast

Kleer Kast Polyester Resin

A diamond clear embedding resin. Kleer Kast is a Liquid resin which will not discolour. Cured resin is rock hard, resists chipping, breaking, cracking, and crazing. Can be used with colour dyes for sparkling translucent castings. Used to embed monograms, butterflies, shells, zoological specimens, botanical and anatomical samples . Supplied complete with MEKP Hardener. Kleer Kast is a clear embedding resin, NOT suitable as a surface coating nor to be used as a gap filler in wood. Mixed by volume 1-2% with MEKP hardener.

Can also be used in the Cold Cast Metal process, with the addition of 100 - 150% metal powders.

Ideal uses:

- Paper Weights
- Magnets
- Picture Frames
- Artworks
- Jewellery

Sizes: 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr, 4ltr

Data Sheet

We have a range of vacuum-formed molds to produce readymade shapes for embedding items in Kleer Kast resin. The Resin can be layered into the molds to product a split level effect, with items placed at different levels.

Craft molds available in several types and sizes.

Information on Klear Kast

Embedding instructions